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Jen's Gourmet Cakes began operations in June 2020 as a home-based bakery in Portage, IN. I am always going to be so grateful to receive referrals by my satisfied customers who are still my customers, up to these days. My first six months was surprisingly busy. I was fully booked months in advance. I now offer 41 cake flavors and each flavor is unique. Despite the fact that some of my cakes may share the same name as the classic, Jen's Gourmet Cakes likes to set itself apart by enhancing and elevating traditional flavors to create my own unique blends.

I am extremely selective about the ingredients I use in my baked goods. I only use the finest ingredients to ensure the highest quality of my products. Growing up in the food industry, surrounded by great Chefs and Bakers, I learned the value of using only the finest ingredients. If it's not the best, we create our own. Consequently, each of my cake recipes is made from scratch and is truly original.

Even though I operate a home-based business, I take it seriously and ensure that I have the necessary equipment and supplies to keep everything organized and clean.

When I was asked why I chose to make cakes, I explained my motivation. "I LOVE CAKES!" is my simple response. I truly believe it. I can't imagine going a week without baking or decorating a cake. When I bake, I like to keep myself busy while being surrounded by the aroma of my delicious cakes. I also like to photograph them so that I can keep them forever. Baking and cake designing are two of my greatest passions, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to pursue them. Cakes and I are a a perfect match! 

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