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Local, scratch and handcrafted

At Jen's Gourmet Cakes, we are dedicated to providing our customers with cakes of the highest possible quality. We pay careful attention to every detail to ensure that your celebration cake is both attractive and delicious!

We are proud to offer 41 delicious cake flavors:

Pink Sugar



Meet Jen

Cake Designer

Hello there! My name is Jen Yednak. I am a wife and a mother of three wonderful children. I'm originally from the Philippines. I moved to the United States in 2012 and married my loving husband, who is 25% Filipino, the same year.


My family has run a successful bakery and restaurants in the Philippines for many years. I was also sent in culinary school by my family. However, despite my family's connection to this field and business, I did not become interested in baking until 2016. I've always enjoyed sweet desserts, but since moving away from my family, I've found it difficult to find desserts that satisfy me. We traveled a lot and would always stop at a bakery first. However, not many of them could match the bakery I remember from my childhood. I always wished we had a bakery like my grandmothers' nearby. Then one day, I decided to bake something and used my grandmother's recipe for Ube Cake. I loved it, and it immediately took me back home.


I began bringing cakes to many birthday parties and family gatherings. I love how everyone enjoyed the cakes I baked and how proud I was because they were also our family's favorites and our own recipes. Not long after that, many of them would call and ask me to make them cakes. I was both excited and nervous because I had no cake decorating experience and didn't want to sell something that didn't look good. I became obsessed with baking and learned how to decorate cakes on my own. In about three months, I finished 15 cake decorating books and, to my surprise, I got pretty good at it. The rest is pretty much history, because before I knew it, I had created many versions of many cakes, and now have 41 different cake flavors plus many others I am currently working on. 

I enjoy coming up with new and unique methods to make my cakes even more delicious. I love creating beautiful cakes, but flavorful cakes are just as important to me, if not, more so. I enjoy developing new flavors and combine them with my existing favorites like my grandma's famous Ube Cake from the Philippines. I would say it is my specialty among all my cakes. Although, if you'd ask me, which flavor is my absolute favorite?? I wouldn't be able to answer that, because I just LOVE THEM ALL!  I love CAKES!

With Jen's Gourmet Cakes, I hope to share with the world the many wonderful flavors that the Philippines has to offer, as well as some of my own creations.

Please allow me to help you DISCOVER DELICIOUS and Let's Make your Celebration Memorable with our Cakes.

I would love to hear from you, write me a message:

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